More Advanced Pricing Configurator

Here list controls are leveraged. List control is a generic term that incompasses the radiobuttonlist, checkboxlist, listbox, and dropdownlist. They all work about the same. The first dropdownlist of this webform of jackets is a good example of common usage. The ASP.NET control has a built-in switch to set autopostback to true, so that the webpage becomes interactive andd performs in-memory processing. In this version of the Jackets program we don't let the program user type in a value for a jacket. Rather they select a jacket from the list. The dropdownlist control presents a list of options that the system designer select.

Behind the scenes any of the list controls can provide a numeric value associated with the list option. Click the cornerbox of the dropdownlist below, notice the items, their values, and that the
autopostback is selected to true.

Challenge: A extra state was entered into the raddiobutttonList but no picture was added to the project or code. Can you add that picture and code?

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